Monday, September 14, 2009

Data Recovery - What is Data Recovery?

Rapid development of IT industry leads to a new emerging mode: data recovery. Data recovery is actually just around us for decades, unnoticed. Nowadays, it emerges a new branch of IT industry. Data Recovery includes Data Recovery software and Data Recovery service.

Connotation of Data:

With rapid development of global informationized, data becomes one of very important assets for organizations. Storage, safety and integrity of data is not just technology issues, but demonstration of ability to survival and competitiveness. They are same for governments, organizations, or even individuals.

Data hereinafter refers to information stored in computer and removable media. Firstly, Data is general concept, not only includes PC files, or various data stored in computer, for instance, multimedia files, like graphic, images, and audio, softwares and documents, database, or just about anything that can be taken by digital cameras, digital recorders, but also the hardware managed or stored those information. Although "data" and "information" appear in many documents, not any definition of "data" and "information" is public accepted. We simply understand them as various files in hard drives and storage media.

What is Data Recovery?

Simply said, Data Recovery is to successfully recover formatted or corrupted data due to virus attacks and accidents. It not only recovers the data from the files, phsically damaged drive, operating systems, but also digital removable memory sticks.

The range of Data Recovery includes: Soft troubles and Hard troubles.

Soft troubles:

(1) recover system files that have been damaged due to accidental partition, accidental or malicious formats, accidental restoring system, deletions, accidental copy – partitions, Main boot record loss, boot loss, virus attacks, hackers attacks, devil programs, disk array server raid loss, power failure, memory overflow, software conflicts, power-off forcibly, and crash.

(2) recover common files that have been destroyed, such as: Office files, database files of Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Fox base/pro, Zip, MS Outlook, Exchange Email and multimedia files.

(3) recover passwords of operating system (example: Windows 2000/Xp) and files of zip, rar, Word, Excel, Access and PDF.

Hard troubles:

1. Symptoms of hard troubles:

Do not recognize CMOS

"Ka Ka" sound of magnetic head collision

Motor doesn’t work, and no sound after power on.

Read/write errors due to magnetic head dislocation

2. Sort of hard disk or hardware troubles:

Disc body have been corrupted due to magnetic head burnout, aging, chip corruption, disc corruption magnetic head shift, disc scratch, magnetic group deformation, servo information loss.

PCB troubles due to PCB corruption, chipset burnout, disconnection or dis-pins.

What shall we do when data loss?

We suggest you to use data recovery software once there is data loss. It is possible to recover the lost data.

If the files of your CD/DVD are corrupted, CD/DVD Data Recovery (URL: is an easy-to-use tool to recover them, it is effective for corrupted digital multimedia files, audio, video, image files, MPEG, AVI, RM, MP3, JPEG etc, and for damaged document and text files.


1. Do not store files or data into computer when there is accidental or malicious formats or deletions. Otherwise, more data will loss, and can not be recovered, even if the professional engineers.

2. Do not power it on when removable drives or hard drives corruption. Because magnetic head of hard disc is usually damaged.

3. Do not initialized or Rebuild when Raid disc array server is wrong.

4. Read, not write is general principal.

Li Walter is the webmaster of, which provides multimedia processing software for Windows users, and some other products are available for File & disk management, Internet or Graphic editing.

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