Monday, October 5, 2009

How Do I Recover It? Gone…. My Data

First, no need to panic. Data is incredibly durable and rarely fatal. In fact, it is extremely difficult to erase data if you want. Agents of the government have to restore your data
disks that have reformatted and had written new data over the entire surface of nine times or more! Your presentation is probably still there, the key to the cabinet is a little bent, that's all.
Start a data file contains header data is the mixture through a read / write head crash or a small disaster. Header tells how to read a program that data into a file. Data header can be defined, often integrated with automated tools in Windows.
Click Start, and then click Computer. Right click on the name of your hard drive (C: for example) and click on "Properties" from the dialogue that follows. Click the Tools tab and you will verify a disc "error"-see button. Click it and check "Automatically Fix Errors" box. If you have a lot of time, also check the disk "check for bad sectors check", otherwise leave off. Click OK and go get a snack or something while the entire Windows drive and repair errors in the file header scans, as well as they can.
Often it is enough. Tip: Upload your presentation again. If this does not work, you may need a locksmith better.
Data Recovery Software
Various utilities for data recovery are free, you can try:
Win Data Recovery recovers deleted files from Recycle Bin, lost due to hard disk failure, hard drives formatted or damaged, virus infection or other unknown reasons. It "supports the use of all major file types, including text, EXL, pdf, bmp, exe, html, jpg, avi, mp3, etc." Note: This means that it cannot return some kind of non-standard file on your own software or special application.
Disk Digger is a Windows utility, similar with the additional option to parts of the records, which get partially replaced by other data. If you are not all of your files, you can get at least part of that return, in other words. Disk Digger works quickly, because he has everything in RAM without having to write the recovered data to disk. You can use the restored data before saying Disk Digger to save it to disk preview.
There are programs to recover Mac data, most of them try-before-you-buy, options, and not as a pure freeware. Some programs, such as fully operational during the evaluation period, while others retrieve data, but you cannot be saved until you pay the registration fee. Examples are File Salvage by, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software 2.0 and Mac Best Data Recovery 1.0 by retrieving data.
In the worst case, a consultant may need data recovery specialists to disassemble your hard drive and tinker with their physical parts. These services are expensive, but good to know. See my related article Hard Drive Recovery Services for more.

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  1. Yeah it is absolutely correct data is precious and we should always keep a backup of our hard disk but sometimes we forgot to backup and fall in the data loss situation then the last option is recovery tool like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software which is quite efficient and powerful in recovering all kinds od mac data loss.


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